A tool to paste constructions, transformations, and intuitive proofs on the geometric plane. Link


Gridpaste is an online mathematics tool for sharing computations, transformations, and annotations on geometric structures in a coordinate plane. The sequence may then be saved and shared by a unique URL to colleagues or instructors. The tool is packed with a built-in function runner, with annotations, and placement of text to present a proof or construction orderly. I, being the sole designer and engineer of the project, built it as a means to decrease the tediousness of synthetic geometric proofs. Indeed, even presenting, step-by-step, the notion of congruence for any two irregular polygons on the plane can be quite cumbersome.

The conception of Gridpaste is an interesting story. I was reviewing a mathematics book by Serge Lang, and I found that its geometric questions were exhausting to complete and verify manually. It required a lot of pen, paper, and instruments to ensure accuracy. Fair enough, there are many tools for analytic questions and answers. However, I could not find one for proofs in synthetic or intuitive geometry. So, I built Gridpaste as a means to not only complete my study but also to provide a viable tool for academic institutions and students.

Its development presents profound object-oriented patterns, designed to be highly extensible, with a command and geometry function factory interface. Its test code is effectively isolated proofs of isometries, constructions, and expected behavior. Its function mechanism is built with lexical analysis and evaluation that maps to storable interfaces in a simple structure.