Rendering support software to detect malformed or missing frames in image sequences. Link


Ramma is phenomenal rendering support software to detect malformed and missing frames. It supports all standard render engines such as Cinema4D, Maya, Fusion, After Effects, 3dsmax, Resolve, NUKE, and more and is intended for post-production professionals ranging from high-profile companies to independent shops. It is designed to be simple to understand and easy to use. Frames of sequences are represented as a system of blocks resembling a fragmentation interface, making it easy to see problems at a glance.

Throughout the workflow of a post-production designer, problems such as hardware, software, and human error commonly occur. When this happens, finding and solving the problem often takes time. Indeed, it is not uncommon for film and independent campaigns to grow into the thousands or tens of thousands of frames. Ramma increases productivity by providing live monitoring capabilities, presenting and notifying of errors as they happen. It uses analysis to determine oddities in frame resolution, size, padding, sequence mismatching, and file corruption. Remarkably, it can work on numerous amounts of sequences or sub-sequences at the same time. It has been stress-tested to work on instances of sequences totaling half a million frames in seconds on an i7 machine.

Under the hood, Ramma's architecture is built with a system of streams tied together with reactive extensions in a multi-threaded environment to power pixel and frame analysis. Its detailed accuracy was designed under a behavioral-driven paradigm, boasting solid code and behavior test coverage. It's truly like nothing else.